The World Wisdom Council

We Come In Peace

Unleashing Public Wisdom via Local Wisdom Councils of Youth, Women, Men and Elders

It is with great honor and humility that we present this Revival Initiative regarding the foundational and historical work of The Budapest Declaration.

The World Wisdom Council has been formed by thought and heart leaders from around the world who recognize the irrefutable value of Humanity’s exploration and actualization of the Greatest Peace Agreements.  Together, we have committed to hold space and offer guidance, and a helping hand wherever possible, so as to assist in the process of actualizing the dream of dreams through Angelion.

This Council is made up of people from every generation, demographic, academic field and culture.


  • Local & Global Wisdom Councils inspiring every community member to participate in the Greatest World Peace Dialogue.

  • A Database of all Angelion Participant responses and their Wisdom Shared in Service for the Greater Good of All

  • Theses Councils will include Local Activist Leaders, Social Entrepreneurs, Celebrities, Luminaries Humanitarian Celebrities, National Ambassadors, Religious and Political Party Leaders, Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, Presidents and Prime Ministers and Philanthropic Families of Wealth.

  • Databasing and Highlighting the Greatest Dialogue regarding the Exploration of Humanity’s greatest Questions, Answers, Challenges, Solutions, Wisdom and Achievements, while Illustrating the Implications of each.

  1. Justice Council
  2. Health Council
  3. Spirituality Council
  4. Infrastructure Council
  5. Environment Council
  6. Media Council
  7. Government Council
  8. Relations Council
  9. Arts Council
  10. Economics Council
  11. Science Council
  12. Education Council


It is with great Honor that we invite all those who are interested in advising and co-creating Heaven on Earth as officially members of the World Wisdom Council, please complete both of the following surveys at the Rite of Passage.  This process facilitates the process for fully familiarizing yourself with this historical initiative, while simultaneously offering you the opportunity to specify your focus points of expertise which you wish to offer for the greatest good of all.  You may also directly visit and fill out the Volunteer Survey.