What is Angelion?

 The Greatest News

A Scientifically Irrefutable Push Button World Peace Formula has been Realized!

The Ultimate Consensus Reality Survey
Introducing and Exploring the Mission Dependent Agreements
For Spontaneously Mobilizing Humanity around Waging World Peace


  • An Open, Multi-Disciplinary Educational Curriculum, a Peace Legacy Scholarship Program, Cross-Industry, Inter-Faith and  Multi-Generational Research Project and Thought Experiment.
  • A Systemic Blueprint and Co-Creative Strategy for the Formation of the greatest local & planetary Humanitarian Super-Movement around the Realization of Humanity’s first, greatest and most obvious Collective Agreement for facilitating Humanity’s Transcendence of Money, Fear, Separation, Scarcity, Poverty, and All Forms of Systemic Violence.

This is a clarion call to the heart of your Humanity and the leading edge of your consciousness!

People of Earth – Sisters and Brothers,

It is with great honor that we share with you the Disclosure of the Greatest News!

A scientifically irrefutable push button World Peace formula has been realized, and it is in the form of the Single Greatest and most Effortless Yes or No Agreement that all one billion plus Cultural Creatives, and all those who are generally for World Peace could and would obviously agree to. This single agreement is not only the Ultimate Litmus Test of Truth that Unites/Divides humanity into 2 categories; Those who have said yes, and those who have not yet said yes, but it also introduces a series of agreements which have been identified as the Mission Dependent Agreements for achieving World Peace in the form of simple Yes or No questions.

We are now officially inviting all Peace advocates to participate in validating this declarative proposition through a peer review process.  Angelion is “that” peer review process, and it’s the only thing left to be done before Humanity’s Collective Epiphany that we have finally found the key to the door we’ve been wanting to unlock for thousands of years. That’s because the simple realization that an irrefutable World Peace Formula actually exists literally changes everything.  By the time even a dozen of the most committed Peace Advocates have simply responded to Angelion, all of Humanity will soon know without a shadow of a doubt that a push button World Peace Solution is now in the palm of our hands, and we just pressed it.

If the greatest and most effortless Peace Agreement was discovered,
which all those who are for World Peace could and would obviously agree to,
by the very nature of this statement wouldn’t all Peace Advocates obviously agree,
when presented with the opportunity?

At Minimum:
Angelion invites all Peace Advocates and Organizations to nominate and vote up their top 3 greatest and most effortless Yes or No agreements that they feel all those who are for Peace could and would obviously unite around. All survey responses will then be profiled, data-based and considered for inclusion in the most recent version of Angelion..

Imagine a simple voting system based App that presents you with Humanity’s most voted-up Yes or No agreements on a moment by moment basis.
At any given time there may be different agreements highlighted as the most agreeable.  This is a process that inevitably leads to ever increasing unity around agreements with every increasing social impact. May the greatest and most agreeable agreement win!

All of the most voted-up agreements will continue to be illustrated with greater detail, thus illuminating the implications of solidarity around them.

Please note that although this survey introduces ideas revolving around micro-financing solutions, no money is actually needed as this could all just be considered a thought experiment or permission slip allowing us to conceive and believe that we are on the verge of a Collective Epiphany.  All finances required for executing this strategy will come with ease and effortlessness upon our sincere engagement with the formula’s mathematical, philosophical, and logical irrefutability.

With additional funding for further development, the process for achieving this Collective Epiphany will be exponentially accelerated.

The success of Version 1 of this survey depends only on the *required* short form, Yes/No questions being answered.  We recognize that many of the questions may be difficult for some to answer.  Please do not be overwhelmed by any complexity presented in this first version, as it is only meant for those who already understand the vocabulary. The main focus of Phase 1 is to Unite and Co-create with all those already familiar with the Lexicon so as to nurture the Developmental Phase. Phase 2 will be focused on Universal Framing and translating for Mass Engagement, developing the website, the app, and crystallizing the survey so it can be fully comprehensible by children of all ages and from all countries. With your help, we see Version 2 of this survey, among infinite versions, written in such simple contexts that every 7 year old could engage with it. This would include illustrations and video walk-throughs. Imagine the Profound Impact of every Teacher and Professor in the world exploring the implications of these agreements with their students.


  • Agreement between the approaches to a topic of different multi-disciplinary academic subjects, especially science and the humanities.
  • Literally, synergizing knowledge across disciplines, consilience is all about connections, revealing deeper, common groundwork of explanation, especially when forming a comprehensive theory.

This essentially describes how Truth is Ultimately Universal, and with an Open Heart and Mind, one can translate any degree of what seems to be a complex foreign language into simple, yet Transcendental, Relatable Wisdom. For this reason we invite you to maintain the consideration that even though we have mapped out what seem to be some of the greatest agreements, The Greatest Agreement sets in motion a Trajectory of Collective Thought in the form of Humanity’s greatest and most agreeable agreements database.  Be careful not to get lost in the complexity of this exploration, without the maintained recognition that the greatest agreement has already been discovered.  The irrefutability of “The Greatest Agreement” defends the entire formula.

By providing comprehensive answers for the entire survey, you not only become a viable candidate for joining the development team as a volunteer and or as part of the scholarship program, you also greatly assist in the process for us to understand what you are perceiving and understanding.

Your feedback is pivotal for 2 main reasons:
1. We feel that Humanity is essentially facing a Crisis in Communication.
2. This crisis is based on our individual and collective inability to conceive of and face a new empowering story that momentarily Illuminates the limiting and dis-empowering, fear based belief systems we’ve held for so long.

Angelion represents the Key Process and Intention to Streamline the Decentralized mobilization of all World Peace Advocates and Organizations around the most Empowering Story Imaginable. That when are Hearts and Minds are in Harmony, we are capable of Absolutely Anything, Individually and Collectively. This means, all we have to do is Love in every direction while Waging World Peace with more intensity than we’ve ever waged war. This can occur through a single question:

“Would you like to see all those who are for world peace invited to respond to this survey and explore these ideas,
so as to co-creatively develop Angelion Version 2?”

Angelion invites all Peace Advocates to share the survey everywhere and inspire the most Metamorphic Peaceful Dialogue with their friends, family and colleagues.

Imagine for a moment, every Mother and Father, Teacher, Professor and Student, Social Entrepreneur, Scientist, Visionary, Futurist, Human, Animal and Environmental Rights Activist, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (NPPL), Political, Religious and Spiritual Leader, Millionaire, and Billionaire Philanthropist responding to this survey.

By participating in Angelion, you help insure that a planetary scaled, open, academic peer review occurs, for validating this breakthrough. This includes monthly World Peace Disclosure Summits at the United Nations in New York City and Geneva, Switzerland, as well as every educational, religious and political institute, beginning with all capital cities. Luminary Thought and Heart Leaders as well as professors and NPPL’s will be invited to publicly discuss the implications of these agreements in an open public forum.

Consider this strategy a “Cheat Code” or “Reality Hack” to the Old Paradigm of Fear, Separation, Scarcity and Conflict, and the beginning of Paradise Earth.  Together, we will Illuminate Humanity’s single greatest decision for achieving World Peace – which ironically is simply Uniting around the exploration of what that could be.
Another way to put it is that this survey represents the Strategic Methodology for Illuminating the last remnants of Cognitive Dissonance, which obstructs Humanity’s ability to perceive their own greatness. This survey quite literally acts as a Divine Subpoena and Exorcism of limiting belief systems.

This survey is engineered to streamline the process of Collaboration between all people from every local community, organization, corporation, foundation and institution, for the Greatest Good of All.

By “World Peace” we specifically mean the achievement of all 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals including:

  • The End of all War, Poverty, Corruption, Inequality, Disease, Environmental Destruction, and all forms of Systemic Violence.
  • The End of all potential forms of Human Impact on Climate Change.
  • The End of All Predatory Capitalism And “Big” Monopoly Industry.
  • The End of Economic Slavery through Usury and Fiat Currencies.
  • The Achievement of a New Sacred Economic model evolving around Simplicity, Solidarity, Circular and Resource Based Economics.
  • The Collective Stewardship of all Earth’s Natural “Resources/Ecosystems” through the Honoring of Ancient Indigenous Wisdom and Leading Edge Science.
  • The Cooperative Acquisition of Industry which instigates the Cooperative 5th Industrial Revolution.
  • All of Humanity’s Equal Access to all Basic Necessities, including Travel, Telecommunications and Information Technology.
  • Humanity’s Collectively Ownership of all Automation Technology, so as to End and Prevent Mass Technological Unemployment and Planned Obsolescence.
  • The End of Fear & Scarcity Consciousness – “Time = Money”.
  • The Beginning of Love and Abundance Consciousness – “Time = Art”
  • A Planetary Golden Age/Renaissance – The Flowering of Consciousness

This Is Prophecy!

THE KEY:  Humanity’s most relevant dialogue whose time has come, was inevitable. Engaged participation practically guarantees that this formula receives the rigorous, academic analysis it deserves for proving one key fact:

Humanity is One Collective Agreement away
from Actualizing World Peace!


The One Collective Agreement is a Simple Yes or No Answer to the Following Question:
“Would you like to see all those who are for World Peace participate in this survey, that explores the implications of Humanity’s most nominated Peace Agreements?”


It is important to note that in the most practical sense, this survey represents:

  • Humanity’s invitation to Unite around “The Mission Dependent Agreements for World Peace” by simply agreeing to explore the potential implications of Unity around them.
  • An invitation for the mobilization of Humanity around nominating, exploring and illustrating the implications of all other most voted up agreements from every local community.
  • The process for forming and financing the first campaign team who will develop the first campaign template to be simultaneously utilized and further developed by every local community for achieving the Greatest Consensus Reality Agreements.
  • The coordination of an Open Public Forum in every local community that provides the opportunity for every voice to be heard and all questions and answers to be properly acknowledged. This forum will Encourage and Nurture public speaking with Non-Violent Collaborative Communication, and Conversational Protocols for Transcending Cognitive Dissonance.Example of Conversation Triangulation:
    Step 1: Person 1 expresses an opinion.
    Step 2:
    Person 2 expresses what they understood.
    Step 3:
    Person 1 expresses whether or not person 2 accurately understood what was trying to be communicated, and repeats step 1 for clarification if necessary.

Execution Strategy

Phase 1
A) Identify and micro-finance a Core Campaign Development Design Team to launch this campaign and present Angelion to as many people and organizations as possible, with the greatest Speed and Grace. This includes multi-lingual translations, a dynamic website, an app, and Angelion 2.0.

B) Identify and highlight key Philanthropists and Foundations as ideal Patrons of Peace.

C) Identify and invite Collaboration in the form of a survey response by all the world’s most Forward Thinking Leaders. This includes all environmental, animal and human rights activist, academic, religious and political leaders, Nobel Peace Prize Laureates (NPPL), and all Social Impact related organizations, corporations, foundations and institutions. One single community and/or university is all that is needed to make this campaign Planetary.

D) Hosting on and off-line events in and from every major community. This includes workshops, seminars and panel discussions involving community leaders and luminaries.

Phase 2:
A) Host a monthly World Peace Disclosure Summit at the United Nations in New York, and Geneva, Switzerland, as well as the European Parliament in Brussels, inviting all of the most Committed Humanitarians to publicly discuss the implications of the agreements presented in this survey as well as the greatest agreements they would each nominate.

B) Insure that every Individual on the Planet has responded to the survey.

C) Humanity collectively agrees to increase the global annual military budget by 1% and direct it towards exploring and illustrating the implications of increasing the military budget by 100% so as to direct $1.7 Trillion towards solving all 17 of the SDG’s, and Illuminating the viability of a Planetary Debt Jubilee, and Shattering the Illusion of Scarcity and the need for money.

D) Infinite Possibility.

Process Overview – What We Envision

The Website:

A dynamic database of profiles of all those who have responded to the survey with multiple search options. In this way, all will be able to learn and see how different segments of Humanity are responding.  This includes a general and demographically specific depiction of Humanity’s certainty regarding the possibility and the probabilities of World Peace being achieved.

Imagine this…

  • Seeing the highlighted Angelion responses from the professors and students in every academic field.
  • Witnessing the Emerging Consilience from Cultural Anthropologists, Sociologists, Economists, Political Scientists, Philosophers, Futurists, and other peace related sectors of study.
  • What Revelations will come from the database that compiles the Angelion responses of every Indigenous Tribal Leader?
  • How would each President, Prime-minster and key political party leader respond?
  • What wisdom could be gleaned from all the people in the most impoverished areas of the world, from Somalia to L.A’s infamous “skid row”?
  • How will every “World Leader”, “Nobel Peace Prize Laureate” and “Peace Organization” respond, Individually and Collectively.
The purpose of Angelion is to Disclose the Good News that Irrefutable Evidence exists, proving that Humanity is Enlightened Enough to achieve World Peace and Infinitely Over Skilled for the task at hand.

To reiterate, the general formula for the survey is Evolutionary at its core. In other words, imagine everyone in the world nominating the Greatest Questions that could be included in this survey, and every day not only are the top 12 most voted-up questions potentially different, but a long database of the Greatest Solutions are then created by default. Through this process of elimination, it is absolutely inevitable that we will at one point identify Humanity’s first Unanimous Agreement for achieving World Peace.


Average time to complete Angelion is approximately 3 hours for those participating in the Peer Review and Design Team. 

Angelion is the long form survey for the Peer Review Process. Future condensed and multilingual versions will be co-created for Mass Public Engagement.
This survey essentially asks Two Questions:

1. Would you like to see all those who are for World Peace united around the exploration of the greatest and most effortless Yes or No Agreement which Humanity could and would obviously agree on, for creating the greatest amount of Prosperity, with the greatest Speed and Grace, while Empowering Everyone?

2. What are the greatest questions/agreements that could be included in a single “World Peace Consensus Reality Survey” for all of Humanity to respond to, that you would agree to share with everyone you know, so as to mobilize Humanity around Waging and Achieving World Peace with the greatest Speed and Grace, and while Empowering Everyone?

The Angelion App
will be a simplified version of the website, survey and database results available on all digital devices and in all languages.  This will include a specific section highlighting the most controversial concerns, agreements, comments and arguments made on any given topic.  Each Survey Participant will have a profile showing their level of engagement as well as all of their responses, comments, and testimonials. This includes any reviews that support the credibility of each participant by the community at large.  The value and functionality is endless.

It’s Time for Humanity to Stand Up and Declare that:

It is Done! We did it, and We were right all along!”


~ May All Beings Know Peace & Love ~


♥ Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo ♥