World Peace Walkthrough
The Greatest Short Story

World Peace by 2020:
Humanity’s Photo Finish

An Irrefutable Formula; and the Greatest Short Story Ever Told.

(33 Steps/Chapters to World Peace)

Long Story Short:

  1. A scientifically irrefutable push button world peace formula was realized.
  2. It was the greatest and most effortless peace agreement which all those who were for world peace could and would obviously agree on.
  3. All peace advocates and Nobel peace prize laureates were invited to participate in a rigorous peer review.
  4. A 100% unanimous decision All of humanity was invited to agree.
  5. We Agreed, and all lived happily ever after.



Short Story Long:

  1. The greatest and most effortless agreement was realized, representing a scientifically irrefutable push button world peace formula.
  2. Humanity realized that Global Cooperation = World Peace.
  3. It became obvious that universal commonalities mattered most.
  4. We realized that the greatest agreement humanity could make is the realization of the one we have already made.
  5. We needed to act, so we acted quickly and devised a master-plan.
  6. We would create the greatest humanitarian contest in history.
  7. A Contest to Save Humanity from Itself.
  8. A $1 Billion Social Entrepreneurial Contest Fund was created which would distribute finances to winning projects only after 1 Billion Humanitarians agreed to pledge a min. of $1/year towards this Global Fund, and $1/year towards their own local fund.
  9. A clarion call went out, inviting 1M humanitarians to stand in solidarity and form local and global advisory councils of wisdom everywhere.
  10. +100 Humanitarians united in every capital around the world.
  11. Almost over-night it was every city.
  12. Local businesses, corporations, organizations, institutions, foundations and city council members joined the pledge like it was a CSR initiative made of honey.
  13. Who could resist the idea of participating in the unification of humanity, to mobilize around a $1B humanitarian contest, with a money back guarantee?
  14. First, it was a Multi-Millionaire who donated $1M, and 10 more followed.
  15. Then, a Giving Pledge Billionaire donated $10M, and 100 more followed, thus creating a $1Billion Fund, before 1B people had even united.
  16. Multi-Billionaires couldn’t resist, and together, turned it into $10 Billion.
  17. This was their greatest exit strategy! An opportunity to go down as Heroes.
  18. Almost over-night, 1 Billion Humanitarians mobilized, thus creating an Annually-Self-Perpetuating, Billion Dollar Contest Fund, requiring only a $1/member/annually.
  19. Scalable, showcase Spaces of Eden templates were developed for producing the contest reality show series.
  20. Sustainable Developers flocked to Venues for collaborating with, and interviewing all pioneering humanitarians from every industry sector.
  21. Local children, students, teachers innovators, and activists were given global voices. The Divine Feminine Rose.
  22. This venue was the pinnacle of product placement meets edutainment.
  23. That was when MSN caught wind that this was more than a hippy trend. J
  24. As humanity marveled at the millions of brilliant people and solutions, the inevitable occurred. $1/Annually became $1/monthly, weekly and daily.
  25. A Decision which lead to $365Billion/year.
  26. It all happened so quickly, no one knows at which point the masses realized: We are the Market, the Supply, the Demand and all Human Resources.
  27. But one thing is known for sure…..
  28. The moment 1B Humanitarians put on identical hemp shirts, having secured a 1B unit pre-order, World Peace was secured in the collective mind of humanity. (Shirt:Earth/Noosphere” on front, and “We Are All In This Together” on back).
  29. Over-night, the largest clothing company and online social network was born.
  30. Hemp agriculture, manufacturing and distribution facilities were cooperatively acquired and then flourished into a sacred, harmonic, global circular economy.
  31. The first year, 365, Billion Dollar Humanitarian Projects were launched in every Major City around the world, thus achieving World Peace through Abundance.
  32. It all came to be known as the Cooperative 3rd Industrial Revolution.
    The Age where Capitalism remembered its Humanity.
  33. Exponentially Crowd-funding Humanity’s Collective-Self Realization.
  34. A time where we became Hero’s. A time where Humanity became heroic.


And They All Lived Happily Ever After