Volunteer and Collaborator Application


Infinite gratitude to you for your interest in co-creating World Peace with us. By completing Angelion, you do just that.  We also believe that everyone’s infinite potential and purpose is unleashed when they are aligned with their heart’s greatest passion(s). Our intentions with the volunteer branch of Angelion are two fold:


  1. To fill specified roles which require skilled experts and professionals, as well as novice interns to collaboratively develop all branches introduced in Angelion.
  2. To leverage your passion with a Social Impact Strategy so that you may choose to live the most empowering life you desire as a World Peace Ambassador, supported via the scholarship program.

The roles we are looking to fill are as diverse as you can imagine. Within the application below, we have included the positions and roles we see as a priority.  We are open to all offers and possibilities, so if you feel you have something to offer that can be of benefit that we haven’t included, please let us know.

We will consider each application and reach out to you if we have questions or would like to discuss your inclusion on the team of collaborators for Angelion versions 1 and 2. Your application will also be considered by local and global Angelion Ambassadors for positions with specific communities.

Please feel free to upload your resume/CV or bio if you have one.
1. Do you have skills in the following areas which you would like to offer as a volunteer?*
2. Please list any unique skills, talents and direct experience you feel you can bring to the campaign team.*
3. Please list 3 professional references. (Be sure to provide first and last names, titles, phone numbers and a primary email address for each reference you have included.) *
4. Would you like to be notified when the scholarship program is funded and active so that you may apply to participate in the Peace Legacy Institute?*
5. Are you willing to travel and/or relocate?*
6. Are you able to cover the expenses of your own room and board for travel and/or relocation? *
7. Approximately how many hours a week are you available for collaboration?*
8. Have you completely filled out the Angelion survey?*
9. Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself with us?
10. What other questions, positions or qualifiers do you feel we should include in this application?
11. Which of the Angelion initiatives/agreements/solutions might you be most skilled for and or resonate most with co-creatively developing?*
12. What percentage of confidence would you say you have in Angelion's success?*
13. Are you interested in serving on any of the following Wisdom Council's?*