The Receiving Pledge

The Feminine Response to the Giving Pledge

Incentivized Unification as Humanity’s Response to The Giving Pledge, for Uniting all Peace Advocates, Social Entrepreneurs, Philanthropists, Impact Investors and Next Generation Wealth Inheritors.

In 2009, Bill & Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet founded a monumental initiative called the “Giving Pledge”, calling upon the world’s 2,043 billionaires to publicly commit a majority of their wealth towards philanthropy. Since then 168+ of the world’s most notable billionaires have signed up representing more than $500 Billion in philanthropic funds. (There are 15.7 million millionaires in the world)

In the wake of The Giving Pledge’s creation, the Receiving Pledge was born!

  • The Epitome of Innovative Philanthropy, Cooperative Social Enterprise and Circular, Solidarity Economics
  • Humanity Co-creatively Designing a New More Equitable World Along Side the World’s Wealthiest Families and Most Experienced Business Men & Women
  • Global Unity Around The Greatest Agreement, Guaranteed!

What you incent, you get!

How much money would you pledge toward incentivizing the Unification
of all those who are for World Peace around the Greatest Agreements?



  • Imagine all 165 of the Giving Pledge Billionaires all agreeing to incentivize the unification of all One Billion plus Cultural Creatives by each pledging to invest $10 million towards the Peace Legacy scholarship program, only to be released the moment all One Billion have pledged $12/Month. (Equals a total of $1.6B from the Billionaires and $12B/month from the Cultural Creatives)
    • Who will be the first Billionaire to lead the way for the rest?
  • Imagine all 2020 billionaires agreeing to do the same at $10m/person.
    (Equals a total of $20B)
  • Imagine all 15 million millionaires agreeing to each invest $10k.
    (Equals a total of $150B)

    • Who will be the first Millionaire to lead the way for the rest?


Would you like to see 144,000 Cultural Creatives each pledge $12/month towards launching this very campaign?