The Future Now


Open Source, Cooperative Social Enterprise,
Eco-Systemic Architecture

Today’s economy is increasingly owned by extremely large corporations, with increasing focus on the short-term bottom line at the expense of the communities and individuals upon which such corporations depend. Terrible mistakes are made and often magnified by ill-conceived cover-ups, resulting in losses for everyone.
Simply put, we find the current world socioeconomic system to have completely expired.

What is needed today is an entirely new business model that engages people while incorporating the idea of transparency and the triple bottom line (3BL): People, Planet and Profit.

Open Source + Meritocracy + Mass Volunteer Collaboration
Open Source approach means transparency and refers to the idea that social, political or business processes should be visible, accountable and open to the participation by community. Meritocracy means assignment of appointments and responsibilities to individuals based upon their merits, which are determined through the open peer review process.

The social benefit of mass volunteer collaboration has been proven by Wikipedia: people participate in large numbers, out of sheer goodwill, and develop great educational material that others want and use. We advocate the application of these approaches to all sectors of life and particularly intend to bring them to entrepreneurship and business processes, media and education.


Open Business Platform
Our ultimate goal for this decade is to facilitate a shift towards a world with a totally new global social enterprise eco-system utilizing the approaches listed above. We believe this is a crucial step for making a monumental transition to a thriving society. The key element in this new eco-system is the public open business platform, which aims to bring all pieces of the open source mosaic together in a single integrated online portal. In regards to the services provided, we deliver a complete range of business automation and consultancy as is currently offered by such giants like SAP, IBM, or Sales Force. The key difference in our case is that everything will be completely free and designed for social gain. With this open business platform we innovate the process of innovation itself. The “time-to-market” cycle becomes non-existent, as early stage ideas are put into the marketplace portal, instantly becoming commodities. We instead focus on the “idea actualization” cycle, which becomes streamlined in a truly collaborative environment consolidating groups of socially active individuals, entrepreneurs and innovators. The platform enables the participation of all interested people in the creation of policy and ideas, just as is currently done with wiki documents. It unleashes a vast amount of untapped human
potential and directs it all towards the prosperity and well-being of our entire civilization.

Our Business and Market
Our business targets the market of enterprise eco-systems, which currently have national borders and are formed by the countries or unions thereof. Sound examples are China, the United States, the European Union or the recently formed Community of Latin American and Caribbean States. From the other side, all world processes are moving towards an integral cross-border multinational model with new definitions and standards for global politics and economics. Our project aims to be on the cutting
edge of that trend. It provides a strategy to enter this market and become dominant during this decade.  The profit model can be described as franchising, where communities, the enterprise itself and investors play the role of franchisor, while the network of franchisees is scalable and expandable over the globe.

We are now in the seed stage and are seeking $500K. We are looking for long-term investor relationships and will greatly appreciate their interest and passion in joining our board. We are completely open to advice and collaboration, as well as reasonable changes to the plan and its execution.

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If you would like to see the full 60+ page Business Proposal, just ask.