World Peace Disclosure Summits

“The Event” Template

A Scientifically Irrefutable Push Button World Peace Formula has been Realized!
It is The Greatest and most Effortless Yes or No Agreement which all Peace Advocates could and would obviously agree on.
Humanity is One Unanimous Yes away from Planetary Metamorphosis and the Flowering of Consciousness.

The World Peace Disclosure Summit Overview:

These Summits invite all local and planetary heart and thought leaders from every sector of society to Unite around the Greatest Agreement, as well as to participate in the Peer Review process for validating the “Irrefutable” Peace Formula by providing a testimony regarding their perceived implications of Planetary Unity around a sequence of what are being presented as the Mission Dependent Agreements for achieving World Peace. This sequence of agreements makes up Angelion; the Ultimate Consensus Reality Survey which also invites all participates to nominate three of their very own agreements which they would like to see included in the Survey.

Summit Focus Points:

  • To invite all citizens of all local communities to sign the Declaration of World Peace and Unity Petition.
  • Through open dialogue, these Summits facilitate the formation of an online Questions and Answers database which also lists everyone who has or has not yet said yes or no to the greatest agreement.
  • To Unite the first 1000 angel philanthropists who perceive enough value in this Solution so as to each agree on investing a minimum of $12/month.  These funds will go towards event coordination and campaign development, so as to Unite 12,000 Angel Philanthropists who each agree to invest $12/month.
  • To Unite 144,000 Angel Philanthropists who each agree to invest a minimum of $1/month towards this initiative. This budget will insure that everyone in all local communities is invited to respond to the Greatest Agreement, thus proving that all Peace Advocates could and would in fact say Yes to these agreements, and micro-finance their actualization.

This entire process will involve live stream voting through Open Source City Hall 2.0 technology so as to reach Consensus Reality Agreements in real time by all in person and virtual attendees. The end result of this event will have created the next Consensus Reality Survey through the co-creation of all participants, as well as a database of Luminary Testimonials endorsing the infinite implications of local and planetary unity around these agreements.

These Summits will be hosted at Elementary Schools, Colleges and Universities, Churches  and Political buildings, Banquet halls, stadiums, amphitheaters and parks, inviting all generations of Teachers, Professors, Students, and Religious, Political, Business, First Nations and Activist Leaders to sign the petition and engage in the peer review process and share the implications perceived of all agreements most nominated by each.  These events will set the stage for not only creating Peace Centers within all Educational Institutions, but also an entire Unified World Peace Curriculum and Open Planetary Think Thank based upon Angelion.

Participation with this curriculum will be incentivized as a scholarship program, and financed through community micro-financing, corporate sponsorship and government subsidies, as it will be realized and contextualized as the greatest form of civic duty, as well as the ultimate Consilience based, practical academic field, which will remain absolutely relevant for all time and in every way.
Imagine a billion Peace Advocates receiving a PHD in World Peace Architecture, involving every academic field focused through the eye of solidarity and the Golden Rule towards the people, the animals and the planet.

It Is Done!
We Did It!
And You Were Right All Along! 
This is OUR Story of How It Happened!

This IS Prophecy…
…the Imminent End of an Era!
And the Birthing of a Golden Age!

This Event Template sets the minimum standard for how each Summit will be designed in order to create the appropriate container for the Vision and Intention of these events. This includes:
  • Opening Ceremony – Prayers of Gratitude
  • The Greatest Agreements are disclosed, explored, and agreed upon.
  • Everyone is invited to invite everyone they know to sign the petition and participate in the following events.
  • Key Note Presentations involving the most relevant concepts and agreements.
  • Panel Discussions and Round Table Sharing Circles.
  • Open Questions & Answers Forum
  • Artistic celebrations including live music and sound healing.
  • Free organic, communal fruit and plant-based feasts.
  • Free access to holistic health practitioners such a massage, sound and aromatherapy.
  • Closing Ceremony – Prayers of Gratitude

General Execution Strategy:

  • Local Disclosure, Peer Review and News Media = Local Validation + National Attention
  • National Attention = National Peer Review and News Media = National Validation + International Attention
  • International Attention = International Peer Review + News Media = International Validation and Humanity’s Actualization

All Phases Occur Simultaneously and Include a Virtual Attention = Virtual Peer  Review + Virtual News Media = Virtual Validation

If you are interested in being involved in any of the events by attending as a participant, as media, co-hosting a date and destination, collaborating on the production, sponsoring World Peace, or any other role, please take the time to go down both paths of the Rabbit Hole process. This will take approximately 1 hour to complete, so that we can further assess collaborative resonance. If you have completed this process, feel free to Synchronize With Us through a simple email letting us know how you would like to contribute.

Welcome To The Holographic Singularity