The Earth Cooperative

“It’s YOUR company!”


Imagine…  One Billion People Agreeing to invest $1 per month to the following initiatives:

  • The Hemp Cooperative
  • The Salt Cooperative
  • The Seed Cooperative
  • The Water Cooperative
  • The Art Cooperative
  • The Technology Cooperative (Transport, Telecom, Information, Energy)

This will obviously end up involving every industry in existence.
From land stewardship to planetary restoration of all ecosystems.

For a more in depth idea of what the Earth Cooperative Infrastructure could look like and function as, please see: The Future Now (A 60 page business proposal is available)

Earth Cooperative Sovereignty

The Earth Cooperative will be established as a legitimate offshore international organization and commercial enterprise by creating a jurisdictional legal character with as many legal powers as possible.

This would allow TEC to create embassies, banks, build foundations, construct ships and incorporate independent non-state corporations to fulfill all purposes. By registering as a foreign corporation, The Earth Cooperative will maintain jurisdiction over all assets utilized, profits generated, deals negotiated and contracts made, so as to maintain sovereign jurisdiction over all assets in the offshore (tax-exempt) theater.  (As done and supported by Globcal International)

Imagine One Billion Peace Advocates standing in Solidarity for insuring that global policy be made so that all Nation States recognize and accept Universal, Global, Non-State Citizenship with a Global Citizenship Passports for all registered World Peace Ambassadors!

Universal or Non-State Global Citizenship allows you to own your personal individual identity as a natural person instead of your government. Becoming a global citizen does not replace your nationality while living within your own nation, it does however give you the extraordinary benefits online and internationally to become involved in non-state activities with a Global Citizenship Passport, so as to freely travel through all countries as a World Peace Ambassador of a Non-State international NGO? (Facilitated through Globcal International Global Citizenship)