Synchronize with Us

We are grateful for your desire to synchronize in greater ways with the visionaries and supporters of this Legacy Project. There are several options to choose from to find the alignment with the level of synchronization and connection you feel would best serve you and the project as a whole.

Peer Review Participation

If you have not done so already, we invite you to participate as a Peer Review Participant.  This process gives you intimate engagement with all those involved with the project and an influential role in it’s evolutionary process into greater irrefutability and inevitable success.  It is recommended that you begin with the Angelion Rite of Passage and move forward through the process from there by simply continuing to say ‘Yes!’

Angel Philanthropy

We are grateful to receive financial gifts in support of Angelion’s peer review, development and implementation. Whether or not you choose to engage as a peer review participant, your faith and conviction in Angelion as an irrefutable World Peace formula which moves you to give monetarily adds greater momentum and acceleration to its inevitable success! You can choose a one time or monthly gift of any amount via Paypal or Patreon.


There is an infinite number of ways one can lend any level of skill and talent to the project.  From intellectual consulting to technological development, or simply social media awareness, there is room for everyone who is for World Peace to become an Angelite!  Please visit our Volunteer and Collaborator Application and share more about yourself with us so we can find the role that you feel most passionate about and capable of.


For media, speaking requests, event presentation, unique offers and general questions, please use the form below and an Angelite will respond as quickly as possible.

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Please specify any skills, offerings or ideas you wish to contribute to these event. This may include sponsorship propositions, or recommendations of multi-scale event spaces, from private homes for small, intimate disclosure gatherings, to full scale stadium and amphitheater events.*
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