World Peace Summit/Festival/Institute

  • 144,000 x $1/day = $1000 in value summit ticket
  • This will finance the free ongoing festival, which only peer review participants will have access.
  • 144 select peer review participants will potentially present their testimonials regarding the implications of Angelion as well as their 3 greatest agreements and their perceived implications.
  • $1000+ in value from sponsored goods and services/discounts for each attendee.


Live Stream Clarion Calls:

  • The 144 will be selected from the 144,000
  • Sponsors will pay for the travel costs of the 144
  • 144 will be selected for each of the world’s 196 countries. (28,224 globally)
  • These 28,224 will cocreatively facilitate each countries ongoing summit.
  • 144,000 in each country will finance their summit at $1/day and they will also nominate the 144 scholarship recipients. (1000x $144/month OR 144 x $1000/month)


Website MENU with Intro – World Peace Summit Sponsorships



144,000 x $1/day 1000 x $144/month 144 x $1000/month