Eco-Community Palace of Eden Headquarters

Declaring and Celebrating Humanities Enlightenment

Through The Ultimate World Peace Co-Creative Showcase Space


The Palace of Eden represents the ideal co-living and co-working space for all local Angelion Councils to mobilize and invite all residents of the surrounding neighborhood and region to participate in a global dialogue around the exploration of Humanity’s Greatest Agreements.  The Palace of Eden Template will provide an experiential education to all of humanity regarding systems and lifestyles of World peace.

Functions of the Palace of Eden:

  • Broadcasts to the world the infinite ways to which humanity can now experience the epitome of Abundance, Sustainability and Thrivability through spontaneous unification and mobilization of Humanity around the collaborative exploration, identification, implementation and actualization of all available technological innovations.
  • Creates an Abundance of food, health, wisdom, opportunity for all.
  • This Palace will showcase the solutions, the people and the process.
  • The Palace based showcase space is a live studio set which promotes the exploration and integration of ideal systems everywhere.
  • A template 21st Century Alternative City hall 2.0.
  • An ideal reality show set for interviewing humanitarian pioneers from every industry.
  • Inspires dialogue revolving around the exploration of the greatest questions, answers, agreements, wisdom, and achievements.
  • Contextualize, illustrate, animate and incentivize a new vision of global cooperation.
  • Broadcast exciting and socially impact full opportunities, campaigns, and initiatives.
  • Educate the world regarding advanced products, protocols, lifestyles and technologies.
  • From raw chef shows to conscious comedy and a social entrepreneur version of shark-tank.
  • Everything showcased within the house will be available within the online marketplace.
  • Scalable neighborhood community centers, condos, communities and archologies, the Palace represents an ideal global template to be used as a  headquarters and media, education and collaboration center for global activists and social entrepreneurs.

Is there anything more viral then humanities declaration to the world stating that there now exists a scientifically irrefutable formula for World Peace and Abundance for all?
The global audience of One Billion Plus Cultural Creatives will be reached through the sheer truth of the formula with high quality multimedia content through a trans-media platform which popularizes the adoption of ideal systems for residential, commercial and industrial settings.

The Palace of Eden acts as the Earth Cooperatives reality show communication platform. It will cover topics such as immediate solutions to:

  • Fukushima, Climate Change, Factory Farming and All Big Business of Exploitation. This includes, Big Banks, Big Pharma, Big Prisons, Big Agriculture, Big Law, Big Education, Big Government, etc.
  • Poverty, War, Corruption
  • Equality & Human Rights
  • Illusion of Scarcity and Separation
  • Clean and abundant energy sources
  • Monopolization of automation technologies


The Palace of Eden incorporates:

  • 21 century renaissance house represents the core teams living and working space.
  • Ideal setting for hosting experiential presentations for potential partners and investors.
  • Filming space for compiling a library of content for marketing and the documentary reality series.
  • Showcases and markets every aspect of the Palace, including alternative energy cultivation, waste management and advanced healing and food cultivating technologies.

    Key Factors:

  • The media sets the stage for successfully launching the Human-RACE Network, Organic Restaurant and Super-food Catering businesses in Toronto and the international franchise reception.
  • Luminaries, celebrities and political reps. interviewed within the home will be served dinner by the in-house celebrity chef, who endorsing the cause, the food, the technology and the opportunity.
  • This dynamic inevitably opens up access to their entire networks. In this way the Palace will be used to promote and bring together various disruptive local and global social initiatives.
  • The website’s marketplace will utilize dynamic educational media filmed in-house to market everything within the Palace including for ex. clothes, furniture, books, food and technology.
  • This venture addresses the visionary mandate of Toronto MSK Rehabilitation program to deliver rehab into people’s homes and create spin off clinics.
  • Education on potentials of nutrient and mineral dense produce, derived from mushroom and blue-green algae cultivation, sprouting and indoor verticulture, by showcasing scalability in the mainstream for personal, commercial and industrial use.
  • Media and research will be utilized for ensuring that our methods for optimizing health and performance our incorporated by schools, corporations and organizations.
  • Spin off transition homes will act as clinically evaluated performance studies for high priority neighborhoods as well as supporting high impact social entrepreneurs.

A vision for the future, which illuminates the path to get there and the tools required.

Project current status:

We require $144K for the initial launch phase and for hosting an experiential public/stakeholder conference which will showcase the multitude of impact investment opportunities.

Our goal is to generate a minimum of $1.5M via the campaign launch of equipment in our clinical therapies sales portfolio for developing the first centers and catering company. We have a compelling and proven track record of success, a launch strategy plan and endorsements to share. Together, we have the resources, visionary blueprint, experience and passion to co-create a legacy.


Breakdown of Additional Components:

Human RACE Network:
Create a proof-of-concept pilot for the development of multi-site Reimbursed & Accredited Centers of Excellence. (R.A.C.E)

These multi-purpose centers are wellness and agricultural industry game changers.
The Human RACE network will provide the holistic implementation of a full range of the best and most clinically advanced indoor/outdoor med technologies, rehabilitation & multidisciplinary healthcare services while synergized with innovative evidence-based herbal medicines & ancient wisdom. Once together, they will all be showcased under one roof, broadcasted and offered directly to corporations & communities.


Organic super-food catering:

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.
~ Hippocrates

Our partners are ready to launch an organic super-food & shake catering company through Toronto’s film industry which will be showcased through the Human R.A.C.E. restaurant. A catering test pilot was launched in 2011 within the film industry which received an overwhelmingly positive response. We also have deep film industry connections to engage rapid expansion to Vancouver, LA and New York, providing the template and scalable framework for the enterprise, which has the advertising media and celebrity spokes-model function built-in. Feed and actualize the stars and the industry around them and the world is already watching. The film industry is the gateway for catering to the entire commercial and residential sectors in Toronto as well as setting up mobile catering vendors to replace all hotdog stands.
This template will expand throughout the entire film, music and entertainment industries all over the world. (Hollywood, Bollywood, etc)


Expansion plans:

With support by the Ontario Government, the Trillion Foundation, Mars Institute and other various organizations, philanthropists and investors promoting health and entrepreneurship, we will create various dynamic spaces for supporting the most willing and prime candidates within the public and corporate sectors, who are wishing to participate in evaluated transformations within these optimized renaissance homes representing renaissance trends of the future now.


Transition homes:

  • Showcase an all-inclusive portfolio of sustainable product line and scalable technology.
  • Support rehabilitation and performance optimization.
  • Support social entrepreneurs, and “Solutionaries” while evaluating the efficacy and influence to which ideal environments have on accelerating health and optimized performance.
  • High priority families and neighborhoods will have the opportunity to transform their lives as volunteers for evaluating various modalities.
  • Residents will have access to advanced healing technologies and modalities; undergo a process of detoxification while being catered nutrient dense super-food daily.
  • They will be regularly assessed and assisted by professional health practitioners and life coaches.
  • Live webinars and recorded programs will guide residents through training and personal growth.
  • Access to Programs which nurture the visionary and entrepreneurial growth of individuals & teams.
  • Represent scalable community homes for co-creatively integrating permacultural, sustainability and regenerative processes, modalities and technologies.