The Peace Legacy Institute

Collectively Exploring and Blueprinting the process of Reverse Engineering World Peace
through the Greatest Agreements and Organizational Structures imaginable!


  • An Open Think Tank (Starship) Exploring Ideal Systems Everywhere

  • Involves designing scaleable community living and co-creation spaces, from small Co-Lab centers to high tech eco-villages

  • Initiating and focusing on the Most Relevant Peace Dialogue exploring Humanity’s Most Nominated Solutions

  • The Greatest Collaborative Research Project & Thought Experiment in History

When One Million Peace Advocates pledge to invest $1 per year/month/day towards a scholarship program which is focused on exploring and illustrating the implications of Humanity’s most nominated Peace Agreements, will you be one of them?

Who would you nominate as an ideal Peace Scholarship recipient from within your local and global community?

The solutions presented within Angelion are all initially seeds to be focused on by the scholarship program.
An invitation for collaboration with all local and global resonant visionaries.

Imagine all Peace Advocates forming ‘Starships’ (think tanks) to facilitate a planetary dialogue around exploring and illustrating the implications of humanity’s most nominated Peace Agreements.