The Greatest Agreement Has Been Realized!

Welcome to the Official Peer Review Team Invite!


This is a Clarion Call to the Leading Edge of Your Consciousness and the Heart of Your Humanity.  A Scientifically Irrefutable Push Button World Peace Formula now exists, and it is in the form of The Greatest Agreement(s) which all Peace Advocates would obviously agree to. This agreement is presented through a transformational Consensus Reality Survey which streamlines the local and global unification and mobilization of humanity around Waging World Peace with Ease and Grace.

Realization = Actualization


What are the Characteristics of “The Greatest Agreement”?

That which the greatest number of people could and would effortlessly and
obviously agree to for influencing the greatest amount of Positive Social Change.

We strongly feel that the moment after 144 World Peace Luminaries, Systems Architects, Social Entrepreneurs and Angel Philanthropists have simply agreed to officially participate in the Scholarly Peer Review Process for validating this Discovery, everyone else who is for World Peace and Unity will also immediately Unite.  Keep in mind that it is estimated that there are over One Billion Cultural Creatives in the world who would agree to this survey, as well as 75% of the worlds population who are living off of less than $10 a day, and who are dying for World Peace… Literally!

Simply put, this World Peace Formula invites all Peace Advocates and organizations to nominate their 3 Greatest Agreements which they feel all Peace Advocates could and would obviously agree to for achieving World Peace. We propose that this initiative, in and of itself, represents a Scientifically Irrefutable push button World Peace Formula, as it alone has the propensity to unite all Peace Advocates. For this reason we perceive immense value in having all Cultural Creatives invited to become official peer review participants.

This Peer Review Invite Accomplishes Three Things:
1. Facilitates the formation of the first peer review team who will agree to complete version 1 of the Angelion Survey, and having confirmed within themselves the irrefutable value of this solution, agree to support its perpetuation by inviting more participants into the conversation. Each participant will have their top 3 greatest agreements, questions, and concerns highlighted and absorbed within the peer review process and potentially included in Angelion 2.0.

2. Introduces the most indespensible of the Mission Dependent Agreements for World Peace within the format of the peer review process itself.

3. Solidifies the peer review format by insuring that all participants agree to specific protocols prior to exiting the peer review process. This facilitates a perpetual feedback loop of support and micro-financing which serves as the continuation model for the peer review process itself.  It is important to note that the agreements presented in the peer review survey as well as in the Angelion Survey are by no means obligatory. Anyone is free to change your mind about anything at anytime.

The Peer Review Protocols are Simple:
You agree to participate in the peer review process until you can confidently express an argument supporting or challenging the formula’s irrefutability, and agree to respond to at least three rounds of Constructive Feedback. All 144 official Peer Review responses and testimonials will be highlighted on the website and available for public consideration and reflection.

Of course, all Angelion Participants who simply agree to complete the Survey are acting as peer review participants.  This invitation process and peer review framework is structured as a way to officially identify those who are willing to commit to the entire process and protocols presented in this initial survey.  These protocols insure the Illumination and Transcendence of Humanity’s collective Cognitive Dissonance, which we feel is one of Humanity’s greatest obstacles preventing World Peace.  In other words, participating in the official peer review process is not for the faint of heart. This process is much like an psychological Exorcism, as it will most likely journey into the aspects of your psyche where all limiting belief systems exist. For this reason, we feel it is crucial to recognize that the shortest path to overcoming Cognitive Dissonance is by sincerely proposing questions and openly responding to all Constructive Feedback with Gentle Kindness.

The Angelion Survey will take an estimated 1-3 hours to complete, depending on the individual, and the peer review process asks for a commitment of 2-3 hours a week of online conversation and discussion, as well as an optional 3 more hours of a live discussion peer review teleconference.

This peer review process will continue to expand in scale by including a greater number of participants, through a greater number of platforms hosting the dialogue.

A World Peace Disclosure Summit will be organized in every capital city of the world, bringing together everyone who wants to see all of the world’s Peace Advocates united around the exploration of the greatest and most obvious Peace Agreements nominated.

Uniting One Billion Peace Advocates by New Years of 2018
When 144 people have agreed to participate in this peer review process, which involves each person nominating a minimum of 12 more peer review participants per month who also agree to do the same for a 3 month time-frame, by the end of the 3 months we will have united 250,000 peer review participants and half of the world’s population around the exploration of the Greatest Agreement by New Years 2018.

This projection of unification can simply occur through direct nominations and does not even include the infinite potential of social media virality.
Now imagine if each peer review participant agrees to nominate 12 people every week, in 2 months we will have united 8 Billion people
and still with zero social media virality added to the equation.

Would you like to proceed and participate in this Peer Review Process?

Absolutely, yes!  No, thank you!

World Peace:
Organized by a few and agreed upon by many.

Because that which everyone could and would agree on for achieving world peace,
should be agreed upon immediately.