Mission and Vision

The Mission Statement of World Peace Disclosure

The mission of World Peace Disclosure is to invite all those who are for World Peace to participate in the Co-Creating the Greatest Consensus Reality Survey that Humanity has ever seen. This survey will identify and explore the implications and implementation of the Greatest Agreements and Solutions that Humanity can and will agree upon and Unite around for achieving World Peace. We envision World Peace as the world having successfully addressed and resolved all of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals among other Quantum Leaps in Human Consciousness. We bring forward the Scientifically Irrefutable Push Button World Peace Formula that exists to prove that Humanity is already Enlightened Enough and Infinitely Overskilled for the task(s) at hand!

The Vision Statement of World Peace Disclosure

We envision a World of Peace that allows for the Highest Good of All through the Individual Fulfillment of Each. We see a world where all Sentient Beings are treated in Just, Righteous, and Sovereign ways with Equanimity and Freedom. We see an Abundant Planet that serves all needs equally and fairly so as to actualize the Flowering of Human Consciousness in the Light of living in an age of Ease and Grace. We believe in the Infinite Possibility we share in our Individual and Collective actions toward the Common Goal of World Peace and the restoration of Paradise Earth.