Mission Dependent Agreements

The Mission Dependent Agreements (MDA) for Achieving World Peace through Global Collaboration: 

Based upon the methodology of Reverse Engineering World Peace we ask ourselves:

What would be the Fewest, Foundational and Infrastructural Agreements for Creating a New and Transitory Consensus Reality, a New Paradigm of World Peace?

What were the Greatest, most Obvious and Effortless Agreements which functionally facilitated the coherent mobilization of Humanity for waging World Peace with the Greatest Speed and Grace?

All questions/agreements in Angelion other than these MDA’s could essentially be completely different next week.  We propose that these Nine, and especially the first, will remain core irrefutable agreements forever.

1. The Greatest Agreement
2. The Peace Legacy Institute
3. The Earth Cooperative
4. The World Peace Olympics
5. The Receiving Pledge
6. The World Wisdom Council
7. Angelion Design Summits
8. The Future Now – Open Architecture
9. Eco-Community Palace of Eden HQ & Campus