There are thousands of organizations around the world, standing as a Guardian Alliance, who have focused their entire mission statements around each and every thematic word which Angelion is memetically engineered by. These mission statements make up the comprehensive blueprints for co-creatively developing every major component and sector introduced by Angelion.

Collaborators and Sponsors

Honorary Organizations


Historical Luminaries

Modern Luminaries

Here is a list of these pioneers:

We have invited official participation with these organizations:

Groups and Organizations who are officially in Support of World Peace Disclosure:

Group and Organizations who we intend to reach out to:

  1. Pachamama Alliance
  2. Singularity University
  3. Skoll University
  4. Evolutionary Leaders
  5. Tranformational Leadership Council
  6. United Earth
  7. Mother Earth Nation
  8. Giving Pledge
  9. Nexus Youth Summit
  10. The Zeitgeist Movement
  11. The Venus Project
  12. Parliament of World Religions

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