A Declaration of World Peace & Planetary Unity

One Petition

One Unanimous Yes

Open Sourcing Our World Peace Manifesto

and The Planetary Constitution of a Global Super-Movement

Imagine a single and actionable Declaration which not only lists and highlights all of the greatest human, animal and planetary rights manifestos and declarations, but also invites humanity to co-creatively list all the greatest agreements which all World Peace Advocates could and would agree on. To reiterate, we envision this being the most simple and actionable Declaration for achieving World Peace.

In addition to Angelion, this Declaration represents what we propose to be a Scientifically Irrefutable Push Button World Peace Formula, and the only thing left to be done for catalyzing a Collective Epiphany within Humanity’s Consciousness is the Peer Review of said formula, by applying our collective critical thinking capabilities for validating all proposed implications of Planetary Unity around these agreements.

The list below will include all of the top most nominated agreements in short bullet point form so as to streamline the process of Push Button Planetary Unity. By pressing the Yes button at the bottom of this page, you agree to stand in solidarity with all Peace Advocates who agree with the value of exploring and illustrating the implications of the following Agreements:

I ___________ would like to see all those who are for World Peace, Compassion and Synergistic Cooperation…

  1. United around the exploration of the greatest and most effortless agreements, forming the Ultimate Consensus Reality Survey which all those who are for World Peace could and would obviously agree on.
  2. Agree to explore the possibility of offering a minimum of $1/year towards a Scholarship Program which develops the campaign which invites all of humanity to nominate, explore and illustrate the implications of humanity’s most nominated Peace Agreements, beginning with these.
  3. Agree to explore the possibility of purchasing a minimum of one sustainable and ethically produced product per year, valued at a minimum of $12, from One Company which is owned equally by all people, and where all revenue is equally distributed between immediate and Systemic Aid Relief to the highest priority locations, on and offline Basic Needs Access Centers everywhere, and the Scholarship Program?
  4. Agree to explore the possibility of inviting all millionaire and billionaire Philanthropists signed and not yet signed onto the Giving Pledge to Incentivize the Unification of Humanity around the greatest agreement.
  5. Agree to do their best with embodying the Golden Rule in all aspects of life, in regards to treating everyone, including ourselves and the planet, the way we would like to be treated.
  6. Agree to participate in the dialogue and Peer Review Process required for validating the irrefutability of said World Peace Formula as The Greatest Agreement which all those who are for world peace could and would agree on has in fact been realized, by inviting everyone I know who wants World Peace to do the same through critically minded, sincere inquiry.  This involves simply responding to this petition and presenting a testimony which states why you agree or disagree with this Peace Formula.


This Declaration also endorses the following Manifestos and Declarations:


United Nations Declaration of Human Rights


United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples


Declaration on Seed Freedom


Interfaith Peace Treaty


United Earth


The Fuji Declaration


What other declarations, agreements, and disruptive intitiatives do you feel could be included within this declaration?
What questions would you need to have adequately responded, or what changes would to want made prior to signing this Declaration, and why?