Angelion Design Summits

The World Peace Disclosure Design Summits are focused on co-creatively blueprinting the shortest path to World Peace by exploring Humanity’s Greatest and most Obvious Peace Agreements.  This process begins with exploring the implications of the greatest agreements that have already been discovered, as well as collaboratively identifying all other agreements which could be involved in the survey, and then presenting Angelion to the greatest number of influential Peace Advocates and the general public at large. This will be done through local community and international Summit scaled events.

The Summits will facilitate the formation of the greatest visionary Think-Tank/Wisdom Council), made up of the most synergistically qualified Peace Architects motivated by their conviction in Humanity’s Infinite Potential and Angelion’s irrefutably inevitable capacity for achieving World Peace. This core team will be the first council to design and develop the next evolutionary version of World Peace Disclosure and Angelion 2.0, and crystallize and execution strategy for uniting Humanity in a global conversation with the greatest speed and grace.

These events will give rise to the Peace Legacy Institute and the Universal Community Template for exploring, identifying and implementing all of Humanity’s most agreed upon agreements as solutions from co-living and co-working new paradigm, experiential showcase spaces, to full scale planetary civilization models with scaleable Arcology templates which sustain any number of people.  These models will be made to support a society of perpetually traveling Artists and Peace Architects.


Four Scales of the Design Summits:

1. The Virtual Design SummitInvite only (144 – 333 Participants)

An invite only intimate conversation with all interested parties, supporters, potential collaborators and philanthropists who wish to see Angelion presented to all of humanity, and would like to assist the decision making process in regards to which Agreements/Questions are included in the first survey’s.
Together, we will explore and identify:

  • The core Peace Legacy Institute team who will attend the first in-person Design Summit.
  • The Implications of Angelion’s Mission Dependent Agreements.
  • All ideal supporters and collaborators from within our collective networks.

2. The Intimate Design Summit – A Co-creation Retreat (44 – 144 Participants)

The first Design Summit is an an invite only intimate conversation with all interested parties, supporters, potential collaborators and financiers, that will take place in a retreat setting for co-creatively designing a year of Disclosure.
This will include the exploration of the following points and Questions:

  • Imagine a co-living and co-working retreat as the ideal setting for the first core Angelion team to meld minds and hearts while crystallizing the greatest shared version of what all participants consider to be the greatest consensus reality survey, so far.
    This intention will quickly lead to the creation of The Eco-Community Palace of Eden Headquarters Template.
  • This Summit will take place in a Vegan Luxury Retreat setting, ideal for facilitating the formation of the greatest visionary think tank involving/uniting the most synergistically qualified peace architects motivated by their conviction in Angelion’s inevitable success for achieving World Peace.
  • We will explore and identify the core Peace Legacy Institute team.
  • Mapping the teams core skills, resources and networks reach.
  • Developing Angelion 2.0
  • Exploring and identifying ideal collaborations with luminary social change leaders, organizations, corporations, foundations, institutions and governments.
  • Identifying project managers and event producers, coordinators, teams and volunteers.
  • Exploring ideal locations to host this summit.
Blueprinting and executing:
  • The greatest strategy for involving Angelion engagement with the greatest number of people, organizations and institutions with the greatest speed and grace.
  • A World Peace Disclosure, Eco-Community/Festival and Research Institute Model.
  • What would it take to present a single survey to all of the most influential Thought and Heart Leaders around the world in the shortest amount of time and with the greatest ease and grace?
  • Which organizations would be in resonance with sponsoring the Unification of all Thought and Heart Leaders around the exploration of humanity’s greatest, most effortless, and obvious agreements?
  • Who would each organization nominate as an ideal scholarship recipient from within their own membership? At minimum, this is an opportunity to collaborate on multiple degrees, with “The Greatest Social Responsibility” initiative in history, and at maximum, present their organizations most nominate agreements which lead to World Peace through Global Unity?

3. United Nations World Peace Disclosure Summit and Celebration

This 2 day event includes a day long high level United Nations World Peace Disclosure event with powerful keynote speakers associated with Peace Advocacy presenting their testimony in regards to the implications of Global Unity around the Greatest Agreements.

  • Each nation’s ambassador in attendance will present their three Greatest Agreements, as well as panel discussions alongside Thought and Heart Leaders and Industry Experts addressing the implications of all identified agreements presented within this forum, which include the agreements presented within this website.
  • Opening ceremonies for this forum will begin at the United Nations Church with prayers and ceremony involving worldwide Interfaith Religious Leaders and Indigenous Elders.
  • The closing ceremonies will be represented through a day of celebratory festivities beginning at the United Nations Church, moving to Central Park and ending at an exclusive location to be announced soon.
  • All attendees, physical and virtual, will be given access to an app that will allow them to engage in all activities, presentations, and nominations regarding the Greatest Agreements.
  • This event is a collaborative effort uniting all major Humanitarian Organizations and Social Enterprises around the world.
  • The result of this event will produce Unifying Agreements which solve all 17 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which all 1 Billion+ Cultural Creatives will agree to micro-finance.

*Please fill out the following survey if you would like to apply for this UN Summit.

4. Public – Eco-community Festival & Institute – (3,333 – 11,000 Participants)

This model unites 144,000 supporters who agree to invest $1 per day towards an ongoing summit where the worlds thought and heart leaders each present their 3 greatest agreements which they feel all those who are for world peace could and would obviously agree on.
This includes:

  • Of the 144,000 supporters, 11,000 participants will be selected every month to participate in this all-inclusive festival and research environment.
  • All attendees will be asked to agree on engaging with Angelion as official peer review participants for receiving their free, all inclusive entrance passes.
  • All attendees are asked to commit at least 2 hours a day on event production, which includes building, designing, cleaning, meal prep, etc, as well as 3 hours per day towards intellectual cocreation.
  • Panel and round-table discussions involving key participants perceived implications regarding humanity’s most nominated agreements.
  • This ongoing festival and institute template will then be available for simultaneous activation from every local community around the world.
  • A permanent eco-resort like infrastructure will be developed as the Peace Legacy Institute.

Execution Strategy, Finance Model and Proposition:

The following events represent the collaborative process for co-creatively developing the Ultimate Consensus Reality Survey which will be presented to all of humanity by the world’s heart and thought leaders. We estimate a 9 month time frame for all events to take place.

1. Multi-Week Design Team Summits in New York and Hawaii for establishing permanent headquarters for the ongoing development of the following initiatives which will take place within a 9 month time frame.
(October – November and ongoing)
Est. Budget – $100K

2. Multiple University Weekend Summits involving student/teacher/professor engagement. All participants will nominate, explore, vote up, and illustrate the implications of each others greatest agreements, including the “Mission Dependent Agreements” (MDA’s).
(Between 2nd and 5th month – November – May)
Est. Budget – $100K

3. Two Day Co-creation Summit at the UN Security Council (Pictured Above)
(1 day summit + 1 day celebration and ceremonies)  (Feb 13th + 14th)
Est. Budget – $100K

4. Two Day United Nations Summit + Satellite Summits World Wide
(1 day summit + 1 day celebration and ceremonies) (April 22nd – Earth Day)
Est. Budget – $350K

5. Eco-Community Transformational Festival & Research Institute Summit.
2 weeks and ongoing through micro-financing. (Summer of 2018)
Est. Budget – $350K

Estimated budget: $1 Million

$144K Seed Capital will bring together team and collaborators which include:

  • Nexus Youth Summit
  • We, The World
  • Global Movement for a Culture of Peace
  • Parliament of World Religions
  • Giving Pledge members

These collaborations will cover government, philanthropic, non profit, social entrepreneurial and private sectors who will sponsors the rest of the budget.

We propose that a Core Strategy Team gather in New York as soon as possible to bond and design the entire project while identifying and courting the ideal Financiers, Sponsors and Angel Philanthropists by hosting small scale experiential galas for raising the $250K which will be used to raise the $1M total budget for these all events.

Sponsorship Packages:
  • 1 x Blue Ray Sponsorship Package – $144,000
  • 3 x Yellow Ray Sponsorship Package – $72,000
  • 6 x Pink Ray Sponsorship Package – $36,000
  • 9 x White Ray Sponsorship Package – $24,000
  • 12 x Green Ray Sponsorship Package – $12,000
  • 36 x Red Ray Sponsorship Package – $1,111
  • 144 x Purple Ray Sponsorship Package – $144

Total of $1,016,000

1. Which characteristics do you feel the first 44-144 Angelion Design Team members and attendees would ideally embody?*
2. Who would you nominate that you feel embodies these ideal characteristics?*
3. Would you be willing to invite at least 12 of the most ideal Peace Advocates within your network to the "Angelion Design Team" Facebook group?*
4. When 1,000 Angelion Design Team and Peer Review Participants have each agreed to invest $144 towards the first Design Team Summit, will you be one of them?
5. When 12,000 Angelion Supporters have each agreed to invest $12 per month towards the ongoing Design Summits will you be one of them?*
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